Divide and conquer

At TOB we often talk about ‘dividing and conquering’. As an ancient proverb professing that the best strategy to rule a large country is to divide your men, we use it to create efficiency for clients and to play to our strengths.

However, while in a recent messaging workshop it occurred to us that this mantra was eminently transferable to the world of branding.

As times have changed, media budgets have needed to prove every penny of their worth. New approaches, platforms and channels continue to bite at the heels of mass communication, resulting in a need for a different philosophy and ‘divide and conquer’ is just that.

Our conversations with clients centre on creating a strong brand strategy and translating that across audiences, dialing key brand messaging up or down to create impact.

 To do this successfully requires:

1. A rich understanding of your business objectives and brand

2. The capability to identify audiences and the value you add to them

Segmenting audiences and applying a ‘volume control’ to your brand messaging ensures brand consistency is achieved across the board while remaining relevant.

Reviewing the channels you use – which would be the next step – increases your chance of reaching your audiences at the right time and place.

Questions such as; what media is your audience more comfortable with?, what is their media consumption?, which media best delivers the message you want to get across? and how much money are you willing to invest?, should drive your comms activity.

And as long as your division of audiences and channels is aligned with your brand strategy and you leverage the benefits of each channel to create a seamless experience, as discussed in our recent omni-channel blog post, you will create engagment.

So, when thinking of target audiences and messaging, keep in mind the ancient saying ‘divide and conquer’ and your organisation’s communication will be in good shape!

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